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Digital Marketing Communication

On many occasions we have heard the phrase “if it is not on the internet, it does not exist” and indeed, when looking for a product, service, business and others, we search on social networks, browsers and others about the brand or company. At the same time, we look for what other people say about the brand, we read reviews, we watch tutorial videos about the unboxing of the product and so on, and thus, we form our perception of the brand based on online communication.

With the fact that consumers are mostly technological and do their research prior to making a purchase, companies have the opportunity to make their brand, product or service appear among consumers’ options. Easy enough? It seems like something we can all do, however we miss many important points regarding buyers, and focus only on the point of view of the company.

Focusing on the right audience is everything and it is a very common mistake in companies when there is more than one correct audience. Therefore, it is important that everyone in the company is aligned according to the target of their products or services.

” Emerging countries lead in involving social networks throughout the cycle of purchasing a product. “

How well do you know your clients?

Do you know what lifestyle your clients have or do you consider that knowing their lifestyle isn’t a relevant input for your company?

If you want to get to your brand consumers you must answer several basic questions to achieve successfully when being “the option” that meets the needs of your target.

  • What do they see on their day to day, social media,what media are they watching or following?
  • What do they say or do?
  • What do they listen? Who are they influenced by?
  • What do your consumers feel and think about?
  • What are their goals?
  • What they want to solve?
  • Which are their troubles to solve?

If you can answer these basic questions, you will be able to have a simple or initial idea of ​​what your customers’ day-to-day is like. In this way, you will be able to identify opportunities on how to be the option they choose at all times when thinking of a product or service.

Do you speak with your clients?

In this digital world, the most important thing to build customer loyalty is the relationship that today it is much easier to build and keep, by knowing them and learning why they buy from us and the basis of this is communication.

Easy steps to improve the communication of your company online:

  • Watch how consumers behave online and use social listening.
  • Be honest with your consumers.
  • Let your followers be content creators of your brand as well.
  • Be clear with your messages and align them to the strategic objectives of your company.
  • Let them comment and be open.
  • Be fast to respond to crisis or mistakes.

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